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Trusted platform for online counselling and Therapy. Now consult your Psychologist online with BelivMe.

Online counselling makes the entire counselling experience hassle-free. It’s not only convenient but also saves time and money both.

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Online Counselling at Your Fingertips


Schedule Online

Go to www.belivme.com and book the appointment in 3 easy steps

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Connect from anywhere

By making our services available online, distance is not a hindrance anymore. Connect us from anywhere, anytime

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Add to Calendar

Add your appointment details to your calendar so you don’t miss the appointment

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Take Online Consultation

Take consultation through Audio or Video mode, just from the comfort of your home or office.

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Follow Up

We don’t leave you after your counselling session, we follow up with you to check your status.

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Easy Rescheduling and Reminders

You can reschedule your session by just dropping a message on WhatsApp. We also send reminders, so you don’t miss the session

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Some Things Are

Easier From The


Why travel when you have your Psychologist available on your fingertips?

We are just a phone away. When you are feeling low and depressed, you need someone to talk to, someone who can guide you through your mental hurricane. You don’t wanna travel to counsellors place ?

Do you ?

Why Choose us

We are committed to bringing a smile on your face. Mental health issues can’t hamper your daily life, we will make sure that. Not only do our Psychologists treat your existing conditions, but we also work on maximizing your prevention strategies.

We strive to help you improve your quality of life, achieve your wellness goals, and support your best possible life.

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Easy Appointment booking

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beliv in diagnosing the problem first

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Easy rescheduling

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Trusted platform for therapy

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24/7 availability on WhatsApp

Our Approach and Values

We focus more on solutions rather than giving just an advice and sympathy. Our approach has always been- 1. Listening to the problem 2. Diagnosing the problem 3. Giving solution the problem

We follow the strong principle of not recommending unnecessary sessions to our customers. We beliv that we have a moral and ethical responsibility to serve all the people who need mental health counselling.


How it Works

Booking an appointment on BelivMe is very easy. It just takes 1 min. to book an appointment.


See How

Why choose Online Therapy

Online therapy is a form of therapy where you take therapy through Audio, Video and Chat mode. It is not only convenient, it also saves time and money. You can consult a Psychologist from anywhere, regardless of your geographical distance.

Online counselling through video call is the most preferred form of counselling. Because the experience is very close to in-person counselling and also it is considered more effective as compared to other forms of online counselling.

Video Counselling

Audio call is the second most preferred form of counselling and usually people prefer this type of counselling when they want to be anonymous or just seeking validation for something.

Audio Counselling

Chat counselling is another form of online counselling where you can discuss your problems via chat session.

We at BelivMe do not prefer this type of session, because of it’s efficiency. You can do mistakes while typing, Your counsellor can do mistake while typing, therefore it makes the counselling session little less effective.

But you always have a choice to choose which mode you would prefer. Because your problems should be resolved.

Chat counselling


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is a Trusted platform for Online counselling and Therapy. Our efforts have been recognized by Govt. of India under the Start-Up India Initiative.

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