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Get to know how BelivMe can help you in your mental health journey. We have tried to cover all possible questions that may arise in your find. Go through all the points before you book a consultation with us. If you have any other question we’ll be happy to answer that. You can get in touch via live chat/WhatsApp/Email.

frequently asked questions

General Questions

How can I consult a Psychologist from BelivMe?

You can book a counselling session by following steps:

1. Search www.belivme.com on Google and visit the website

2. Go to services section to explore more about services offered and click on Book Appointment button.

3. It will take you to the payment page where you will fill out the details including your suitable date and time. ( Yes, you can choose your own date and time at your convenience). A Psychologist will be assigned to you according to your issues and the counselor’s availability


Do you offer free counselling?

No, we do not offer free counselling. But we do give a discount on the first counselling session.

There is nothing free in this world and we must respect everyone’s time.

Imagine, you were a Psychologist and people ask you for a free session, wouldn’t you feel discouraged? You would. A Psychologist can help you get through the issues you are facing.

Just like any doctor takes fees to treat you, similarly a psychologists time must be respected. So, always choose quality instead of going cheap.


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How will talk to the counsellor, after booking the counselling session?

Once you make the payment, you will receive appointment confirmation email/WhatsApp message.

We provide Audio and Video counselling, so you can choose either of the two.

Audio session is done via a phone call, where you will receive a phone call from the counsellor at your scheduled time.

Video session is done on a Zoom call, which is fully confidential. You will receive a video link to join the session at your scheduled time. 



What is the duration of each session?

Our each session is for 45 min. Whether you take Audio or Video session, the duration remains the same.

On special request duration can be increased with some extra charges.

E.g.-  Our regular session is for 45 min. and the charge is  ₹ 799 per session. But somebody wants the session for 60 min. ( 1 hour ), so the charge will be ₹ 999 per session.


Can I choose my own counsellor (Psychologist)?

Yes, you can choose your psychologists on the basis of their availability.

Can I book sessions with the same Psychologist multiple times?

Yes, absolutely! You can book a session with the same psychologist as many times as you want

Can I book a session for my friends and family?

Yes absolutely. You just have to provide the details of the person you are booking for.

How long will it take to overcome my Mental Health issues?

It depends on the severity of your situation. We follow a strict policy of not recommending unnecessary sessions.

People can have variety of mental health issues- right from normal confusion to very serious issue like Schizophrenia.

If you are confused and want to talk to someone or looking for general validation1-2 sessions are required or you can book a session as and when required.

When you are suffering from Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Sleep issues, Relationship issues– it usually takes 8-12 sessions. If you have severe condition, you may require more sessions.

Like we stated above, we follow a strict policy of not recommending unnecessary sessions. That’s why we have flexible package of 1, 4, 8 and 12 sessions, so you don’t feel like burdened.


What is your Refund and Cancellation policy?

We have a very flexible refund and cancellation policy.

Before we talk more about this policy, I would like to tell you that there has been no refund so far.

So our refund and cancellation policy is as follows:

1. There is no refund if you have booked only one session.

2. Refund policy applies only if you have booked multiple sessions.

E.g.- Let’s say you booked 12 sessions which has a validity of  24 weeks. You started your sessions but after 5 sessions you don’t wanna continue with us for some reasons.

So we’ll deduct the amount for 5 sessions + 1 extra session and we’ll refund your amount for remaining 6 sessions.

Pleas remember, we are the only one who offer refund. We don’t want you to feel cheated. Transparency, Trust and Quality are our core values.


If you want to read more in detail about our refund and cancellation policy, please Click here


About Our Services

Why BelivMe?

BelivMe is a trusted platform for online counselling and therapy.

With a team of experienced psychologists, we are committed to making Mental Healthcare accessible to All.

We are known for our quality of service and no unnecessary session recommendation.

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How can I Reschedule my session?

To reschedule your session, you just have to drop a message on our WhatsApp and your session will be rescheduled on the next available date as per your convenience.

You will have to inform us at-least 6 hrs. prior to your scheduled session time.

We want our customers to have a nice counselling experience, that’s why request you to inform us about the rescheduling 6 hrs, prior.


Validity of the sessions

validity of session means, you will have to complete your sessions within that time frame.

E.g- Let’s say you booked 4 sessions which has a validity of 8 weeks.

So within 8 weeks, you will have to complete your 4 sessions.

You may have q question, why there is a need of validity period ?

We have put up a validity period for your benefit only. So you can complete your sessions on time which will help you in getting better quickly.


Types of services we offer

Following are the services we offer online :

1. Depression counselling

2. Stress and Anxiety counselling

3. Counselling for Sleep issues

4. Relationship counselling

5. Counselling for workplace issues

6. Counselling for children

7. Addiction counselling


We also have an Employee Assistance program for corporates.

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