Book Your First doctor Consultation online with BelivMe

Book your first doctor consultation online with BelivMe @ just ₹ 199

doctor consultation online
doctor consultation online

Simplifying Doctor Visits

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Schedule Online

Book your consultation just by visiting our website. 

It will just take 30 sec. to book an appointment


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Online prescription

Get online prescription on your Email/WhatsApp.

No need to visit doctor’s clinic for prescription



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Easy Rescheduling

Reschedule your session in 5 sec.

Just drop a message on WhatsApp and your consultation will be rescheduled.


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Speak to the doctor online

Consult your doctor online and offline (in-person) both. 

A complete hassle free doctor consultation experience.


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No More Waiting Room

No more waiting for your turn in the clinic. We have made it very easy and convenient for you.

Consult your doctor from anywhere, anytime. 

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Follow Up

We take care of you even after your first visit.

We like to keep in touch with our customers, so we can keep a check on their Health and guide them accordingly.

No need to visit doctor’s clinic for follow-ups.

Send your reports online to doctors through BelivMe patient management system.


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We Are Building a New Way of Staying Healthy

Our mission is to make Healthcare accessible to All.

We strive to provide best quality of service to our customers. Our Doctors are Qualified, Experienced and Trained in their respective areas.

Serving customers in the best possible way has always been our core focus. That’s why we follow up with our customers, so we can keep a check on their Health to guide them accordingly.

As the old saying goes Health is Wealth!

₹ 599   199

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