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corporate wellness

What is corporate wellness or EAP program

EAP ( Employee Assistance Program ) is a wellness program especially designed for company employees to assist them in their personal issues which may adversely affect their performance.

The program covers wide range of issues, such as Alcohol or Substance misuse, Relationship issues, Workplace issues, Financial, and Legal issues, etc.

The cost of the EAP program is taken care by the company for the benefits of it’s employees which ultimately benefits the company due to increased productivity.

Lot of companies today are concerned about their employees mental health, because it’s directly related to their performance.


You would not want to compromise on productivity, will you?

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Why choose BelivMe

Our program is the most comprehensive program which not only covers employees but also their families. They can take our services online via- Phone, Video call and Chat mode. Our services are online so you don’t have to worry about your office location.

Only a sound mind can produce sound results. 

Mental health is as important as Physical Health.


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BelivMe-Employee Assistance Program


, we believe mental health is health. This #MentalHealthMonth, I encourage everyone to talk openly with those who might be struggling and check in with yourself. We must work together to #BreakTheStigma around mental health.”

Chuck Robbins

CEO, Cisco

How the Employee Assistance Program benefits the company


There are many benefits to the company, including:

  • Increased Productivity
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Positive work environment
  • Improves confidence and morale, which leads to increase in performance
  • Recognition amongst few companies who care about employees mental health
  • Ultimately, increase in “bottom line”.

How it benefits the employees


Employees can reap the benefits of this program, which includes:

  • Improved work-life balance
  • Increased productivity
  • It boosts morale
  • Overall improvement in health & wellbeing
  • Better relationship with co-workers
  • Improvement in team work  

EAP program is not an expense, it’s an investment that will improve your workplace and increase your ROI.

Join the community of companies who are coming forward for their employee welfare.

The Problems

Problems today that we are facing





Almost every 1 in 2 employees suffer from chronic stress


Do not seek any evidence based treatments


Do not show any symptoms

The Results

The results after implementing the EAP Program



Improvement in work-life balance


Reported Positive impact on Employees wellbeing


of employers were offering EAPs to their employees according to a report by SHRM in 2018.

How do we help


online consultation

Easy access to Psychologists

Connect with experts via Video and Audio calls. Chat option is also available.

confidential video session

Confidential Session

Your privacy is protected. This is our top priority


Monthly Reports

The company will receive monthly reports about the sessions booked.


Regular Psychological Assessment

Regular Psychological assessment by Psychologists.



Online and On-site workshops/webinars

customer support

Easy Customer Support

We are always available for you in the hour of need. On-call or WhatsApp

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